Lazy Bug

Lazy Bug, class 1983, born in Pirot (Serbia) and immediately showed a deep interest for music.

Lazy Bug’s journey as a dj started in 2001 at small venues in Serbia. At the begging of 2008,he enters the world of production. His track ‘Marshat’ was released by Kaseta Music and a few days later, it was in top 100 Tech-House track. After that,he becomes more devoted to production and starts working both with foreign and producers from Serbia.


In co-operation with a Montenegrian producer Miilok who has signed for Noir, Cr2,1605 Music Therapy, he composed the official song for one of the greatest electronic festivals in Serbia-’Love Fest’.


He released on Hotfingers/303Lovers , Avenue Records , Natura Viva, Lo Kik , Hush Records, Go Deeva Rec, Robotica Records,Fever Sound , Muzik Xpress etc.